Cloud Migration

What is cloud migration?

In a nutshell, Cloud migration is the process of moving all or part of your company’s data, applications and services from on-site or dedicated servers into the cloud.

Why migrate to the cloud?

Thinking of migrating to the cloud?   There are many reasons why getting on board with cloud computing can make sense for your business.    Once you have considered the benefits, weighed up the pros and cons and worked out which type of cloud is right for your business, then it’s time to consider how and which applications you wish to migrate to the cloud in order to reap the biggest rewards. 

Read our Anatomy of a Cloud Migration Infographic now.

Migration strategy

Choosing a strategy for migrating applications to the cloud can seem a daunting task.  As businesses have a wide and varied application portfolio, which ones should you migrate first, which ones can wait and which ones do you need to keep in-house?

It is true that some applications are better suited to the cloud than others, such as website and blog hosting, test and development environments, and some back office applications.  You’ll need to look carefully at your older applications; often they’re based on software that’s not designed to run on cloud infrastructure so could require significant rework.  

It is also important to consider which will give you the biggest return in terms of cost savings and operational benefits.  You should figure out which applications need to be able to scale efficiently as your business grows, which ones are currently running out of capacity, or operating on hardware with lots of unutilised space, and which ones require enhanced security such as order fulfilment and payment systems. 

The anatomy of a cloud migration

In reality migration to the cloud is easier than you might think, and this is where the advice and experience of a cloud specialist can be invaluable.

Learn more by reading our migration strategy study.

Rackspace Cloud Migration Services

Our Fanatical Support team can advise, assist and guide you to get the optimal solution for your individual business needs with services including:

  • Cloud migration planning
  • Solution planning
  • Project architecture
  • API engineering
  • Deployment planning and scaling
  • Application and server optimisation
  • General advice on Cloud do’s and don’ts    


Stay in control of your cloud migration

Our cloud control panel has been designed to make your cloud migration as easy as possible.  It lets you stay in control but requires minimum technical knowledge:

  • Simple and intuitive
  • Easy access to all your open cloud products
  • The ability to instantly spin up one or a hundred Cloud Servers  and tag, filter and categorise them the way you want
  • Action Cogs, Action Menus, and Pop-Overs to allow you to perform administrative tasks with just a click or two
  • The ability to manage resources in the cloud programmatically with the OpenStack API
  • A Usage overview feature so can you keep track of your spend and ensure there are no nasty surprises when your monthly invoice arrives


Want to know more?

Migrating to the cloud offers the ability to instantly streamline your operations, reduce IT costs and deliver a platform for future sustainability.  With the help of a cloud specialist such as Rackspace this need not be a daunting task.   In really is a case of short term pain for long term gain and when working with us the stress need not be on your shoulders.  

Contact a member of our team today for more information or take a look at our Knowledge Centre where you will find lots of helpful information and advice on cloud migration options and considerations.

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