Managed Microsoft SharePoint Hosting

Why have Rackspace host and manage your SharePoint deployment?

What is Managed SharePoint?

Managed SharePoint lets you to leave the pain of administration, the worry of security, and the hassle of upgrading and patching behind. 'Managed' means we handle all the parts you don't want to:

  • Need a total end-to-end solution? We do that.
  • Have your own experts a​nd just want to host your implementation on our specialized SharePoint servers? We do that.
  • Just want the world's #1 team of SharePoint specialists available to take your calls? We do that too.

For thousands of the world's top businesses, Managed SharePoint is better SharePoint. And we are the World's #1 Managed Sharepoint Specialists

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We all love SharePoint, but managing SharePoint is complicated.


Fortunately, 'complicated' is where we hang our hat at Rackspace. While we know there are plenty who enjoy 'DIY SharePoint', a growing population prefers Managed SharePoint. Managed SharePoint allows you to leave the pain of administration, the worry of security, and the hassle of customization behind. It means you get exactly what you want from SharePoint with the least amount of work.

So we decided to offer that managed choice - and do it better than anyone else.

After all--providing the world's best managed computing for customers is what our Racker culture and DNA has always been about. Rackspace is already established as the world leader in managed hosting, meaning they can run hosting infrastructure better than anyone, and now we have achieved that same level of expertise on top of it to create the World's #1 Managed SharePoint offering.

So, what does it take to be #1?

  • Rackspace is #1 in the world in Hosted and Managed SharePoint with over 85% of all hosted licensing going through Rackspace.
  • Rackspace has more SharePoint MVPs than any other company, meaning you get access to more expertise when and where you need it.
  • Rackspace has more published SharePoint experts who have written more SharePoint-focused books (22 and counting) than any other single company.
  • Rackspace is the only company where your SharePoint Server implementation is backed by Fanatical Support®.
  • Rackspace has over 1,000,000 Hosted/Managed SharePoint seats, meaning we've seen (and solved) every issue out there.
  • Rackspace had more speakers (6) than any other company at the world's largest SharePoint gathering – SharePoint Conference 2014.

Now the world has a choice.

Instead of spending your days (and sometime nights and weekends) being a 'DIY SharePointer', you can let the specialists at Rackspace manage your SharePoint and go back to focusing on what matters most – your business.

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