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Got really important data that it would be disastrous to lose? Don’t panic. Rackspace Cloud Backup will fully protect your files, and as Managed Cloud experts, we’ll be ready to restore them quickly if the worst happens, so you don’t have to be. If installations leave you feeling queasy, then leave that to us too - our experts can preinstall Cloud Backup on your servers, run weekly backups of your standard system configuration files, and restore, monitor and troubleshoot backup jobs, keeping you running at high performance – that’s why we’re the #1 managed cloud specialist.

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Protect your business

If you’re a developer or a business owner, preparation for the unexpected is crucial. Rackspace Cloud Backup protects the important files powering your website or application, ensuring your business is safeguarded. If something should go wrong and a hard drive fails or you lose files, we have the ability to rapidly restore files to help you get back to regularity quickly.

Improved cost efficiency

Rackspace Cloud Backup has block-level compression and de-duplication, which means backups are not only more efficient, but reduces storage costs by up to 20 times compared to traditional backups. After your first backup with Cloud Backup, additional backups are incremental, further reducing the required storage and associated costs.

Quick and easy-to-use

With the new Cloud Control Panel, file-level backups are easy to create, schedule and manage. In a few short minutes you can start protecting your important files and folders, thanks to Rackspace Cloud Backup’s integration with Cloud Servers and Managed Cloud Servers. Backup restoration is also very simple, thanks to the new control panel. This all ensures you can stop spending excessive time on backups, and spend it on more business critical issues.

Secure your data

If security is paramount for your business, then enterprise-grade encryption (Advanced Encryption Standard, 256 bit key) is available. When you enable encryption, a passphrase that only you will know will encrypt your data, and because you create your AES-256 encryption key, your data is encrypted before it leaves the server and remains safely encrypted while stored.