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Everything we do is Managed Cloud

Our Cloud Block Storage coupled with our super speedy 10 Gigabit Ethernet internal network connection will help your applications achieve consistently high performance. Think you might struggle to take care of your servers and your storage? We can help. With Managed Cloud, our technical experts will take charge of the technology – they’re ready to answer your queries 24x7x365, so you can concentrate on your customers.

See everything you get with Managed Cloud.

If you’re not sure how much storage you need, whizz through our quick Decision Engine process to find out – you’ll be done before you can say ‘Fanatical Support’.

Reliable I/O for your cloud apps

Your users count on your application to perform consistently. And you can count on our Cloud Block Storage to deliver the performance that your app needs.

Reliable IO

Faster data

Faster data

Enjoy a super-fast 10 Gigabit Ethernet internal network connection to your Cloud Block Storage volume with our Performance Cloud Servers, preventing potential I/O bottlenecks and providing increased throughput and higher performance for your applications.

Choose the storage performance that’s right for you

Standard volumes work well for your everyday file system needs, and SSD volumes deliver even higher performance for databases and other I/O-intensive applications. Plus, you don't have to scale up your servers; both standard and SSD volumes work with all sizes of next-generation Cloud Servers.

Choice of SSD or standard volumes

Only pay for what you use

Our renowned price transparency extends to Cloud Block Storage, where you’ll only ever pay for the amount of storage you provision. We don’t charge for I/O operations either, which makes forecasting your monthly spend much easier. See the pricing page for more detailed information.

Getting to Big Data: The 4 Ss that deliver Big Data’s promise

In this eBook, we explain to you the four Ss you need to produce successful solutions – Scalability, Safety, Speed and Support. We also show you how an innovative approach can help you get the most out of Big Data.

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“The difference between Rackspace and other cloud providers is that they came to us with a managed solution that meant we could outsource 90% of our infrastructure requirements to their support guys, leaving our people to continue to deliver great service to customers.”
Dave Walker, Chief Technical Officer at Kabbee


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