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We offer a range of databases to fit the scale of your project – built on OpenStack, they’re not only reliable, but also give you freedom in your data use. With Managed Cloud, dealing with data need not be taxing - choose the Managed Operations service level, and our specialists will take care of the databases for you. We’ll have database experts at hand to help with tasks like replication, backups, indexing, and query optimisation, to speed up processes and decrease your application downtime. Let our specialists take care of the cloud, so you can take care of your customers.

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Not sure what size database you might need? Complete a quick early-stage assessment using our customised tool Decision Engine: it’s perfect for exploring your available choices and you don’t need to commit to buying anything.

Blazing fast performance

Rackspace Cloud Databases delivers incredibly quick MySQL performance. Using container-based virtualisation instead of traditional hardware virtualisation technology results in speedier applications that get quick access to your data.

Blazing fast performance

Data redundancy built-in

Data redundancy built-in

We run SQL databases connected to SAN storage, with built-in data replication. For you that means greater reliability, and less downtime for your application.

Automated configuration

Rackspace Cloud Databases automates the deployment, configuration, and patching of the database server. Why? To reduce your operational costs, and let your team focus on more business-critical tasks.

Automated configuration

Based on open standards

Rackspace Cloud Databases is the first relational database service built on the OpenStack® Nova Compute codebase - reliable, safe hosting without locking your data into one proprietary platform. Cloud Databases includes support for multiple MySQL-compatible variants and versions, including MySQL 5.6, Percona 5.6, and MariaDB 10.0.

Getting to Big Data: The 4 Ss that deliver Big Data’s promise

In this eBook, we explain to you the four Ss you need to produce successful solutions – Scalability, Safety, Speed and Support. We also show you how an innovative approach can help you get the most out of Big Data.

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