Cloud Databases Pricing

When you choose our Managed Operations service level, we help you create, install, patch, monitor, and troubleshoot Cloud Databases.


Cloud Databases

Size Logical Cores CPU Weight I/O Priority Network TPS Price
512MB 1 0.5 1 20Mbit 116* £0.04/hr
1GB 1 1 2 100Mbit 449* £0.045/hr
2GB 2 2 3 200Mbit 864* £0.09/hr
4GB 4 4 4 300Mbit 1566* £0.18/hr
8GB 6 8 5 400Mbit 2130* £0.36/hr
16GB 8 16 6 500Mbit 2651* £0.72/hr
32GB 10 32 7 1000Mbit 3372* £1.44/hr
64GB 14 64 8 2000Mbit 3785* £2.88/hr


Storage Price: £0.60/GB/month.

CPU Weight: Higher is better, with the instance receiving more time on the CPU on the basis of its weight under high load.

Network: Guaranteed network throughput allocation.

TPS (Transactions per second): Benchmark (June 2014) in transactions per second using 64 MySQL threads for all flavours, except 32 threads for 512MB.

*Your mileage may vary. A benchmark is only a guideline and not representative of the performance your application will see. Always benchmark your own application.

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