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Cloud Files

With Cloud Files™ powered by OpenStack®, you have access to unlimited, on-demand storage for your files and media. And we can deliver this data worldwide, at blazing speeds, over Akamai’s content delivery network (CDN)—giving your audience a fast, local-like experience.

Only pay for what you use

With Cloud Files, there are no upfront costs, no contracts, and no hidden costs. You get the exact amount of storage you need, on demand, and you only pay for the storage and outgoing bandwidth you actually use.

Only pay for what you use

Akamai CDN and Cloud Files

Delivered over the Akamai CDN

The Akamai Content Delivery Network can deliver your Cloud Files content rapidly around the world—giving your audience a local-like experience, no matter how far they are from your origin server. It works by caching content at global edge locations, so that when users want to view your content, they can receive it quickly from the nearest server in the CDN.

Powered by OpenStack

The Cloud Files development team created and contributed the underlying source code that has become OpenStack Object Storage software. This same powerful technology powers Cloud Files. Backed by more than 130 participating organisations, OpenStack is quickly becoming the industry standard for public and private clouds.


Cloud Files API

Programmatic access via the API

Where many providers take the approach of, "Here's an API, what more do you need?" we actively maintain our code libraries, updating them consistently. That lets you make the most of your unique code.

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