Cloud Load Balancers

Managed by cloud specialists

When you need help managing workload and setting up new servers, our Cloud Load Balancers let you respond to changing needs in the market without hassle. Worried you might struggle balancing looking after your Balancers with your all-important business? Managed Cloud has you covered. We’re on hand to provide any level of service that you need, from installations to monitoring - and when you choose our Managed Operations service level, we’ll handle the load balancers, from creation, configuration and troubleshooting to monitoring and deletion, as well as monitor site traffic and performance, so you can put your business first.

See everything you get with Managed Cloud.

Not sure how many balancers you’ll need? You don’t need to commit just yet. Give our easy Decision Engine a whirl: it’ll aid you in narrowing down your options and help you make your way through the cloudy haze.

Only pay for what you use

We price Cloud Load Balancers based on usage and activity, ensuring that you always know what you're spending. Costs are based on usage by-the-hour, number of current connections and bandwidth. We don't charge anything upfront.

Reliable, high-performance technology

Zeus load balancing technology manages your application traffic and makes decisions about where to route it. If a node fails, a health check can proactively remove it from rotation to maintain maximum availability.

Backed by Fanatical Support

We have chat, phone and ticket support available 24x7x365. We’ll also help you with setup and management of load balancers via your Control Panel, and provide documentation where possible. There’s plenty more, too.

Features of Cloud Load Balancers

Features include a dedicated (static) IP address, support for multiple protocols and algorithms, convenient access via an online control panel and open API, compatibility with RackConnect and much more.

“After switching to Rackspace, busy periods for our website, like the 2014 British Academy Film Awards and Games Awards, were a great success with 100% uptime. We had previously experienced underperformance from our site during these peaks in traffic - we really needed a partner who we could trust to deliver maximum efficiency, support and value for money.”
Kevin Price, Chief Operating Officer, BAFTA


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