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Cloud Monitoring

Stop problems before they happen. Keep your customers happy.

Customise your alerts

Using our API or Cloud Control Panel, you can set up alerts to notify you when a service is down. Then, use our Cloud control panel (or mobile app) to fix the problem before your customers ever see it. You'll spend more time innovating and less time manually configuring your website monitoring.

Save time and money

No installation. No upgrades. We provide Cloud Monitoring as a supplement to our Rackspace open cloud services (free with a Managed service level), so there's no maintenance needed either.

Scale rapidly

Cloud Monitoring automatically scales to match the size of your infrastructure. Even if you add thousands of Cloud Servers® in minutes, our Cloud Monitoring service can instantly report on all of them.

Monitor anywhere

Monitor your websites and applications —whether they're hosted on the Rackspace Cloud, Rackspace dedicated servers, servers in your data centre or even other service providers’. Send alerts to your laptop or smartphone, or automatically raise a ticket with Rackspace. Stay on top of your entire infrastructure—including websites, ports, protocols, and more.

Global control

Your customers could be anywhere around the world. So why not monitor from around the world too. Cloud Monitoring can do just that, with multiple monitoring zones for you to choose from. You control when you're alerted - at the first sign of a problem, or only when various locations all agree that a service is down.

Global Control

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