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Scalable, flexible servers from only 3p/hr

Rackspace has a wide selection of cloud servers available with the flexibility to cater for your business, whether big or small. And with our servers, web pages will load faster for eCommerce customers, your databases will get high IOPS and applications streaming large volumes of video and media files will experience low latency when you run your applications.

If all this server-talk is making your head spin, don’t worry – as the #1 Managed Cloud Specialist, we’ll help you every step of the way (or just the steps that you’d like us to help you with). We can run your cloud operations, provide operating system and application support, stringently monitor your servers with regular checks, and offer advice on optimisation and future growth planning. Alongside all this, you’ll get 24x7 Fanatical Support from our team of experts, all year, every year. So what are you waiting for? Focus on your business and let us manage your cloud infrastructure.  

Here’s what we do >

If you’re struggling to even begin navigating your way through the gigabytes, our Decision Engine has the answer: the simple multiple choice tool offers you a preliminary package, servers, storage and all, based on the specifications of your project, and only takes a few minutes to complete – so get clicking.

Cloud Servers are virtual compute machines, designed to deliver enhanced performance with the flexibility to scale to your needs. You’ll get all the benefits of improved performance, and still only ever pay for what you use.

Web pages will load faster for ecommerce customers, databases will get higher IOPS and applications streaming large volumes of video and media files will experience low latency when customers run their applications.

  • Built entirely with RAID 10-protected, data-centre-grade SSDs
  • Powerful Intel® Xeon® processors
  • 40 Gigabits per second of highly available network throughput to every host machine
  • Customers can provision Cloud Servers in minutes, to quickly scale capacity up and down

All of this adds up to improved performance for your apps. They’re powered by OpenStack too, the world's leading open-source cloud operating system, ensuring you’re not locked in to one provider.

No spinning disks here. With data-centre SSDs, Cloud Servers delivers high IOPs and eliminates any disk contention your application might be experiencing .

Every host receives 40Gbps of network capacity to fuel high-bandwidth applications and blazing-fast Cloud Block Storage performance.

Flavours range from 1GB to 120GB RAM, to power workloads from simple web servers to high-performance NoSQL data stores like MongoDB and Cassandra.

Why choose Cloud Servers?

Simple, affordable pricing

Starting at just 3p per hour (£21.90/mo.), you can spin up hundreds of Cloud Servers in mere minutes.


Built for reliability

Cloud Servers reside in our world-class data centres, with hardware RAID 10 storage, ECC memory, and fully redundant networking and power all the way to the host.

Only pay for what you use

We bill on a per-minute basis. There's no minimum fee, and you'll only pay for as much as you spin up.


Global regions

Build your infrastructure in any of our 6 global regions: London, Sydney, Hong Kong, Northern Virginia, Dallas, and Chicago.

Save even more

Get discounts on Cloud Servers based on volume usage, term commitments, and prepayment.


Fast processors

Cloud Servers use powerful Intel® Xeon® E5-2670 processors to deliver up to 32 virtual CPUs.

Cloud Block Storage

Independently scalable, reliable block storage you can attach to your Cloud Servers. Available in both Standard and SSD volumes.

Cloud Networks

Create multi-tiered, software defined networks, and add the Brocade Vyatta vRouter to create complex topologies.

Cloud Load Balancers

Distribute workloads across multiple cloud servers to raise throughput, lower response time, and avoid overload.

Choose your level of Fanatical Support

Every Cloud Account includes a core support level with 24x7x365 access to Fanatical Support® from our teams. This includes services like troubleshooting your code that interacts with our SDKs and high-traffic event consultation. When you choose a Managed Cloud account, our cloud experts can even help you plan, deploy and run your application or website.

Learn more about our service levels.

Deploy cloud applications, automatically

Build a complete cloud environment on the Rackspace public cloud—including setting up servers, databases, and load balancers, software installation, and configuration—with just a few clicks.

Using our control panel, you select the application or framework you need, and the deployment service takes care of the provisioning, deployment, and software installation, automatically. Find out more about Cloud Deployments.

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