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The Basware Corporation is a public company listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange. It was founded in 1985 and is now acknowledged as being the global leader in purchase-to-pay automation technology. It offers its Software-as-a-Service financial management worldwide for procurement and financial process automation, including packages for e-invoicing, e-procurement and travel and expense management. Hosting is a critical factor in their business.

Over one million users worldwide
The company now has in excess of 1,000,000 software users in over 320 companies globally and 1,500 large customer organisations around the world. It services this large customer base through a network of more than twenty offices in Europe, US and Asia Pacific along with an extensive partner network to cater for the needs of 60 countries. The company employs 900 people and reported net sales well in excess of €103 million in 2010.

Demand for SaaS has increased
Bo-Göran Geitel is the IT Infrastructure Manager at Basware: “The demand for Software-as-a-Service has increased hugely over the past few years as businesses are required to be more agile in response to market conditions and organisational requirement. Many companies are realising the benefits of outsourcing IT by removing the need for internal departments to update software and manage demanding, complex systems.” Bo added: “It is critical for us to be able to guarantee service availability night and day, so the hosting of our software is an important element in the worldwide dissemination of the service. When we first started the business we were hosting locally in Scandinavia, but rapid expansion and the demand for our services globally meant that we had to source a new international hosting partner to help us deliver our Software-as-a-Service around the world.”

Skill, knowledge, support and value
Bo revealed: “The key factors for us were a combination of price, skill and knowledge, combined with a level of service and global presence. We had proposals from three providers, but one clearly stood out from the pack and we chose Rackspace® Hosting as our global hosting partner. Our choice has been fully vindicated. Since Rackspace has been our hosting partner, we have added a large number of new servers to our fully managed private cloud. We also make use of the managed backup service and firewall technology to protect and secure our clients’ data. And with over 30Gb data being added per month, this is a critical component of the setup.”

Resilient environment
Bo said: “Rackspace has helped us design and build a resilient environment with a high availability, failsafe configuration using VMware. As a result we are able to offer 100% network and application uptime, and guarantee that our customers will always be able to access their software and stored data.”

Key factor for success
BO went on to say: “The relationship with Rackspace is a key factor in our success. We make full use of the company’s reputation when we present sales proposals, and cite our relationship as a core benefit when talking about the availability and reliability of our software service. Their standards and accreditations are also highly important to our customers: SAS 70 Type II installation certification and ISO 27001 international standard for information security. Rackspace is always highly proactive and our technical support team regularly provides us with new and innovative ideas that increase operating efficiency and save money. Our dedicated Rackspace support team are also involved in three-way conferences with our clients and frequently assist them in sorting out technical issues.”

Above and beyond the norm
Bo concluded: “I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Rackspace as a hosting partner. They perform above and beyond the level of service required of the technical contract, validating their Fanatical Support® promise. They also offer genuine advice and help that impact positively on company profitability.”

Automating the process
If you are looking to automate your company procedures using purchase to pay or financial management solutions including: procurement, invoicing or travel and expense procedures then a visit to Basware will show you the possibilities. Alternatively please feel free to call the sales team on +44 (0)845 6711953 for help and advice.

Global partner
If you are searching for a global hosting partner then please visit or call 0800 988 0100 for a FREE and friendly chat on how to achieve the optimum hosting solution for business.

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