Born05 is an award-winning, creative digital Agency based in Utrecht, Netherlands. The company has become well known and instantly recognisable for its inspiring interactive web work and particularly for its customer media award prizewinning, interactive website for the bi-monthly KLM in-flight Magazine –ifly (

The Royal Dutch Airline’s virtual magazine is published online and features fabulous destination articles, videos, interviews and a plethora of incredibly interesting content put together with music, action and feedback that make the experience one of the finest interactive publications in the world. Its multi-language format and simple navigation have made the site very popular with KLM passengers around the world and many more people simply interested in travel, places and artefacts from all over the globe.

Very best digital work

The ifly site is incredibly relaxing, informative and a genuine pleasure to watch and read; made perfect through clever design and meticulous editing and layout from the Born05 team, bringing together sound, video and stills work in one superbly friendly format. Such examples of the very best digital work deserve to be seen uninterrupted, which is why the company has chosen Rackspace® Hosting as its international hosting partner for the highly visible project.

Bi-monthly online publication

Rian Verhagen is Interactive Director at Born05. “KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is a very important client for Born 05 and our partnership with them to deliver the bi-monthly flight magazine is an exceptional opportunity to show our digital creative capabilities to the full. We certainly wanted to make sure that the site was available whenever readers wanted to access it, which is why we have chosen to host with Rackspace.”

Rackconnect® – integrates managed hosting with the cloud

Rian revealed, “Service and support is critical to us and Rackspace’s Fanatical Support® claim has certainly lived up to its promise. Our setup makes use of Rackconnect® to integrate managed servers with a cloud platform. Database, fileserver and 5 virtual webservers are all linked to deliver high quality video content using an Akamai CDN. The site is seamless, fast and reliable and we have no worries about managing servers or policing the site, as Rackspace provides such excellent support and response should any small technical problems arise.”

Global hosting specialist

Rian went on to say, “We chose Rackspace because the company is an established, dependable, global hosting provider. They offered full compatibility with our existing set up and provided unrivalled international coverage. This choice is essential for the secure and reliable delivery of key services and high traffic sites such as We are delighted with the flexibility and support we receive from Rackspace and would certainly recommend the hosting company to anyone with mission critical websites”.

Award winning digital design partner

If you are looking for an online development or a digital design partner to put your company onto the web in style, then a visit to the Born05 website at could well be a good starting point, or just call the company for a friendly chat on =+31 (0) 302 807030.

For a high flying hosting partner then there really is only one choice or call the team for a FREE chat about the infinite possibilities for your web project on 0800 988 0100.

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