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Centurion MS was formed in 1996 as a specialist business software provider offering HR solutions for small to medium sized businesses. The company has developed its HR solution and now offers sophisticated human resource management software through their SaaS (Software as a Service) gateway. breatheHR™ is an online people management solution designed to help companies manage staff and employment resources.

High end service

Jonathan Richards is Managing Director at Centurion, “The move to an online environment and provision of our HR solution as a service has meant a complete rethink of our hosting operation. The infrastructure required to offer a 24-hour, 365 day per year access to the system, had to be extremely robust and more vitally, exceptionally well supported.” Jonathan added, “There are few hosting companies that can offer genuine guarantees of 100% uptime and high end service, which is why we chose Rackspace® Hosting as our preferred hosting partner.”

Reliable hosting partner

Jonathan said, “Rackspace has a great reputation in the SaaS market as a trusted and extremely reliable hosting provider. Our experience with the company has underscored everything we had heard and certainly adds a welcome ring of truth to their Fanatical Support® claim. It’s refreshing to deal with real people who actually know what they are talking about, and they are always prepared to go that extra mile to ensure everything is as it should be.
This attitude certainly instils an extra level of confidence in Rackspace and their abilities to deliver against their claim of 100% network uptime. It effectively removes any worries we may have had about servers and hosting as it’s in safe hands even when we are asleep or away from the office!”

Innovative software accessible from any desk

Jonathan went on to say, “Our clients access their software application through the internet. Our servers use technology and SSL security to turn an internet browser into an innovative HR software application, which is accessible from any desk, any office, any home office, anywhere in the world. The breatheHR™ application deployed on our fast .net web servers uses proven Microsoft SQL database platforms to store and secure client data and documents. Rackspace support has been hugely helpful in configuring the system to achieve optimum performance and security. It also ensures we have plenty of room for expansion.

Jonathan summarised, “Rackspace is the ideal hosting partner for companies offering SaaS because it removes any uncertainty about the availability or capacity of the system to cope with increasing demands. This is due to the fact that the Rackspace employs a vast, highly skilled technical team to cope with any eventuality, 24-hours a day, and 365 days a year. breatheHR’s reputation is founded on this exceptional reliability”.

Complex and comprehensive hosting

David Kelly is Managing Director of Rackspace EMEA, “Software as a Service is a rapidly growing IT sector and many more companies are now opting to buy complex computing services online and on demand. This frees them from the burdens of owning software and all the associated hardware management and replacement that is entailed. It effectively allows the use of the very latest versions of the software package with all the incumbent benefits, but at no additional cost, and with no capital investment penalty.” David Kelly revealed, “At Rackspace we have understood the need to provide complex and comprehensive hosting services that recognise the vast importance of security, network uptime and, critically, the level of technical support needed to ensure optimum service delivery. Rackspace has built a huge market reputation on Fanatical Support® and this is the foundation of everything we do.”

If your business needs an online software solution to manage every aspect of Human Resources from holidays to pay reviews, then take a look at Centurion’s breatheHR™ at or call the company on +44 (0)8445 611223. If you are a specialist Software as a Service provider looking for the perfect hosting partner, then I invite you to visit the Rackspace website at or call the Rackspace team for a friendly chat FREE on 0800 988 0100.

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