Carrs Silver

Carrs Silver was established in the year of Queen Elizabeth II’s Silver Jubilee – 1977. The company quickly established a name for high quality silverware and commemorative products, later turning its many skills to the manufacture of silver photo frames, which remain a core business to this day. The company has grown significantly and now offers the most comprehensive range of silverware, cutlery and silver gift products in the UK, all of which is marketed by respected high street jewellers and high end department stores, including Harrods, John Lewis and Selfridges. Today Carrs products can be purchased worldwide from the very best stores in over 50 countries around the world.

High traffic volumes

Like many high profile companies Carrs provides its many outlets with an online web connection for interaction, orders and database storage as well as a corporate website. They also publish and offer substantial product information for their customers as well as high resolution images of its many products for download and further use in promotional activities. Featured products included an exquisite limited edition set of 18ct Gold cutlery for the Queen’s Golden Jubilee as well as all their much sought after giftware.

Extensive photographic library

Martin Carr manages the Carrs Silver website, “In the past we were able to make do with an in-house hosting solution to cope with the traffic and demands on the site, however, the advent of digital photography and the increasing needs of our customers for more and more information have led us to look for help and support from external hosting providers.”

Cloud hosting – a perfect solution

Martin had a recommendation from a colleague to look at Rackspace® Hosting. “They were right for us in terms of profile,” said Martin, “being UK based and excellent value for money. The cloud hosting option was absolutely perfect for our needs, as it enabled us to deliver high resolution photographs and detailed, often large file size, PDFs without impacting on the main web site‘s performance or adversely affecting the secure customer portal. “Martin revealed, “I am an experienced IT user and found absolutely no problem with setting up the new server online using the Rackspace website. I simply logged in, created an account an built a server. It was literally as easy as that!”

Upgrading is easy

Martin went on say, “I am very impressed with the performance and flexibility of cloud hosting and the ease with which I can upgrade servers to accommodate more files or improve speed. Rackspace delivers the performance I need and has enabled me to save money on investing in new hardware and a faster, dedicated internet connection to cope with the increasing demand for high resolution pictures and files from our customer base.


If you are looking for something very memorable for a special event or anniversary then an online visit to Carrs Silver will offer you plenty to think about.

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