dianomi™ enables global brands in the finance, automotive and lifestyle sectors to target the affluent and acquire customers through its proprietary technology platform, Exedra™. Reliable hosting, network uptime and support are critical elements in the company's success

Online marketing specialist chooses Rackspace intensive hosting

dianomi™ enables global brands in the finance, automotive and lifestyle sectors to target the affluent and acquire customers through its proprietary technology platform, Exedra™.

Intelligent Performance Marketing
The Exedra™ performance based marketing platform, offering cost per lead, cost per click and cost per action campaigns, is integrated across a network of white-label partnerships with premium publishers such as Reuters, Morningstar, The London Stock Exchange, The Motley Fool, The Street, The Guardian, The Telegraph and Yahoo etc. By focusing on premium publishers and consequently an affluent demographic, dianomi™ provides the highest quality of lead to its blue-chip advertisers – 30% of the prospects dianomi™ provides its clients come from the 10% most affluent.

Proprietary technology
The Exedra™ platform enables clients to maximise prospect engagement and track the results in real time through contextual technology, campaign optimisation, sector benchmarking, in-depth demographics and customer surveys. By providing fresh leads to clients on a daily basis, dianomi™ has become an essential part of its clients’ process to acquire new customers.

State-of-the-art Platform Infrastructure
Central to the Exedra™ platform is its ad optimisation including high-speed caching using advanced cloud technology, A/B/n testing for ad variant optimisation and a statistically driven heuristic ad-weighting algorithm. The platform is built on a Multi-tiered HA (High Availability) LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL Perl) architecture and clustered database solution with intensive support from Rackspace®.

Viable hosting partner
Cabell de Marcellus is the CTO at dianomi™, “It is critical to our success that we have the very best web hosting and online support that money can buy. We soon discovered this fact when we started our venture in 2003 and rapidly had to make a move to a more viable hosting partner that offered stability, uptime and 24/7 support. Fortunately a friend introduced me to Rackspace® Hosting.

The technology of success
Cabell said, “We started life with Rackspace as a managed hosting customer, but have increased our profile and business to such an extent that we are now a full intensive service user with a high availability (HA) solution and a dedicated support team for our outsourced infrastructure of managed and cloud servers, databases, firewalls, switches and backup. We have all the associated technology that ensures we keep well ahead of our competitors, including failsafe mirrored systems and hardware replication to ensure the ultimate application uptime. As a global player with customers in Europe, the USA and Australia it is absolutely critical that we have maximum site availability at all times. We regularly check our uptime against our competitors using Pingdom and we are always well ahead. The Rackspace team has helped us greatly through the provision of excellent support and tricky software installations, often going beyond their contracted remit as a service provider.”

Personal attention and cost efficient hosting
Cabell continued, “Our Senior Business Development Consultant, Leslee Sheffield, is a case in point. We genuinely feel as if we are her most important client. We had some tricky database issues to resolve and Leslee found us a specific database specialist in Rackspace USA who was able to diagnose and repair the problem as part of the service. It is these small things that add up and make a business relationship like this very difficult to replace. I have compared the costs of switching our hosting to other services and Rackspace compares very well. As an example of how much more efficient working with Rackspace is, I was involved in a similar company prior to setting up dianomi™ and the infrastructure costs, including the provision of the datacentre, DBA, four sysadmins and outsourced consulting overheads, exceeded £4 million per annum. The company has since cut costs to £1 million per annum, but we have achieved a considerably more stable solution with 24/7/365 technical support cover for £90,000 per annum and that’s for a site which is attracting over 150 million impressions per month. There is absolutely no doubt that hosting with Rackspace has been a more cost-effective solution than trying to replicate such a complex service in-house or hiring a consulting firm. Rackspace has made life so easy for us.”

Critical hosting
Cabell summarised, “The effect of Rackspace on our business has been excellent. We are able to concentrate on developing our platform rather than maintaining our infrastructure. We now have more than 200 customers that rely on our service. I would not hesitate to recommend Rackspace as a commercial hosting partner to any company where the website is the critical part of their business.”

Guided tour
For a guided, online video tour through the world of dianomi™ it is worth visiting their website at www.dianomi.com or call the company on 020 7802 5530 for more information.

Intensive solution
For an intensive hosting solution that will help you guarantee application uptime and site availability a visit to www.rackspace.co.uk would be well worthwhile, or a FREE call to the sales support team on 0800 988 0100 will provide a great deal of help and advice to get you started.

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