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Holiday Watchdog and Travel Library are among the UK’s foremost travel information websites. They provide genuine travel and holiday reviews written by real holidaymakers, and cover accommodation and holiday tour operators from around the world. Sites like Holiday Watchdog attract 5-million visitors in a peak month, and as a result, hundreds of exciting new reviews are added daily. Holiday Watchdog and Travel Library are acknowledged as being among the foremost sources of fresh travel content in the United Kingdom, and enjoy being a part of the vast, worldwide Trip Advisor network.

Such sites, including the world’s largest travel web site Trip Advisor, have become the primary source of travel and accommodation information for travellers and holidaymakers worldwide. Today, few people even contemplate embarking on a trip or arriving at a holiday destination without having first ‘checked it out’ online. These popular travel sites are widely acknowledged as being one of the primary sources of genuine, unbiased reviews and provide travellers with easy-to-use tools to find the best value for money.

Stable and resilient infrastructure
As you can imagine such highly popular travel sites require an incredibly stable and resilient network infrastructure to cope with the traffic spikes, as well as the sheer numbers of concurrent visitors. This is why Rackspace® Hosting has been chosen as their hosting partner.

Rob Norman is a Lead Developer for Holiday Watchdog and Travel Library at Trip Advisor. “We rely on a totally stable infrastructure for our sites as we cannot afford to have any downtime. Being a 24-hour business means that we need the support to match, and I know from previous work experience in two different roles, that Rackspace technical support is second to none.”

Vast database of knowledge
Rob explained, “Speed, uptime, flexibility and scalability are key factors in our operation, accordingly we chose a very practical hosting solution for our sites. We amalgamated Holiday Watchdog and Travel Library on a single infrastructure when we made the important hosting switch to Rackspace. This set up change was due to the fact that we had been experiencing some database communication issues, which were causing site problems. As you can imagine, being part of Trip Advisor means that our database of knowledge is vast and emanates from many sources.

Cost targets met, uptime guaranteed
I am pleased to report that with technical input from the in-house Trip Advisor team and considerable help from Rackspace sales and technical support teams, we were able to configure an ideal, Managed Colocation hosting solution, which satisfied cost targets but still maintained the essential 100% network uptime guarantee. The benefit of this set up for the Trip Advisor IT team is that we can completely forget about the hardware and data centre infrastructure and concentrate on the areas where we have our maximum expertise. And it’s always great to know that I have a vast army of highly knowledgeable technical support engineers that can be called upon at a moment’s notice to provide practical, expert assistance whenever and wherever the situation demands. This is so refreshing when compared with our previous hosting provider, where we were expected to hang on the end of a phone for half an hour before actually getting to speak to anyone! “

Full support, maximum reliability
Rob revealed, “The Rackspace Managed Colocation hosting solution is the ideal blend of managed facilities and cost. I have saved 40% on previous hosting costs but still maintain full support and maximum reliability, as well as the guaranteed network uptime that is so essential for our credibility in the market. If there is a hardware problem, either failure or other technical issue, then Rackspace ensures that replacement happens within an hour, or appropriate remedial action is taken before we know about it. In fact the only evidence of a problem is usually a technical report advising us of the issue and the detail of the final resolution.”

Perfect hosting partner
Rob summarised, “Rackspace is the perfect hosting partner choice for a high traffic website. They offer scalability, full Backup and Data Restoration and their remarkable brand of Fanatical Support®, which cannot be matched by any other hosting company. For me they are definitely the number one choice and I wholly recommend them as a hosting partner.”

Support unsurpassed in the industry
Brian Thomson is Managing Director of Rackspace EMEA. “We are thrilled to be the hosting power behind some of the UK’s favourite holiday review sites. We totally understand that it is critical to have a stable, guaranteed network and rapid scalability, particularly when visitor numbers are topping 5-million per month at peak times. We take great pride in delivering the ‘Fanatical Support’ that is acknowledged as being unsurpassed in the industry. Rackspace is a well-established hosting provider in the world of travel and is rapidly becoming the partner of choice in online situations where uptime, reliability and stability are core to site success.”

Finding the right fit
Andrew Jardine is the Manager of Managed Colocation EMEA. “Managed Colocation is about delivering the right product and level of support. Trip Advisor has all the technical skills in house to take advantage of full operating system control and flexibility but don’t want all the hassle of hardware, vendor management and data centre infrastructure. Rackspace provides Trip Advisor with a dedicated Technical Service Delivery Manager (level 3 systems administrator) to ensure they get the very best worldwide service through one point of contact.”

Don’t be disappointed…check first
To find out a great deal more about where you are going to next on holiday…and before you get there, visit and You could certainly save yourself a few pounds in the process and at least know what to expect when you arrive courtesy of the many current reviews you will find online. Bon Voyage!

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