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Intelligent Retail was the first company in the UK to design and build an Electronic Point of Sale (EPoS) and integrated eCommerce solution to suit the needs of specific UK independent retailers. Their original Connect system offered a complete management package for the giftware sector, allowing full stock control, re-ordering, sales management and finance in one convenient package. Today the company offers a broad range of Connect solutions tailored to individual industries that manage and link multiple outlets with both online and offline channels.

Multi-channel retail system
David Mackley is Managing Director at Intelligent Retail, “The internet has made a vast difference to the way in which retailers bring their goods to market. Many stores have multiple outlets and also operate 24-hour websites to ensure the greatest audience reach. Retailers are facing real issues trying to manage and combine website and retail outlet sales, often struggling with stock control and re-ordering as a result, or running two systems side by side and trying to merge the results. At Intelligent Retail we realised the problems and developed the unique, award-winning Connect multichannel retail system, enabling users to sell in store, sell online, sell by phone, sell on eBay and Amazon, all with central stock control direct from the till.

David said, “Our multichannel solution adoption has been incredibly successful thanks in part to Rackspace® Hosting who have guaranteed us network uptime and ensured system reliability through their 24-hour support, which is absolutely critical for our real time users.”


A company with the same culture
Prior to October 2009 Intelligent Retail hosted their site with another provider and was experiencing network uptime failures as well as some more serious service and support issues, certainly not problems that can be tolerated for long by customers that rely on the internet. David Mackley revealed, “We needed a hosting provider with the same ethos and culture as our own, which is why, when we first met Rackspace, we were totally sold on their Fanatical Support® approach, both in terms of their sales team and the unique, world renowned 24/7/365 Fanatical Support®. This partnership has allowed for greater innovation and unhindered development of our retail solutions, as well as instilling huge confidence in our customers and we now operate in excess of 2000 Connect licenses. We now build and develop integral websites with our systems, enabling us to provide our customers with a total retail management solution. And with the increasing reliance on card payments the Rackspace team has also assisted us in preparing for PCI compliance (Payment Card Industry), saving us a huge amount of research time in the process.”

Local applications, online updates
David went on to say, “In retail you have to be fully confident that the systems will work and provide accurate information on stock availability. We run Smart Client technology with the application held locally and real time updates being carried out on the internet. The benefit is that business can continue in the event of broadband outages or bottlenecks.”


Adding a new IT department!
David added, “Our move to Rackspace has been a massive success. Prior to the hosting partnership we were forced to run separate backups just in case of failure, as well as carry out a variety of computer processes which involved the employment of a full time systems administrator. When this person chose to move on we did not have to replace the role, such was the reliability and performance of the new hosts. Adding Rackspace to your team is like adding a new IT department!”
David Mackley summarised, “If your business relies on web hosting then you must select a partner based on reliability and quality of service. Rackspace delivers.


Sophisticated retail technology
David Kelly is Managing Director of Rackspace EMEA, “The retail sector has embraced technology like no other. Online shopping and multi-channel sales have made a huge difference to the structure and complexity of retailing. Specialist providers like Intelligent Retail have made life considerably easier for shop owners, and we are delighted to be the hosting service provider for such sophisticated systems. David Kelly revealed, “At Rackspace we have understood the need to provide complex and comprehensive hosting services that recognise the vast importance of security, network uptime and, critically, the level of technical support needed to ensure an optimum service delivery. Rackspace has built a huge market reputation on going above and beyond what may be expected. This is Fanatical Support® and this is the foundation of everything we do.”

If your retail business needs an innovative software solution to manage every aspect of your business from high street to internet, then take a look at Intelligent Retail epos systems and integrated eCommerce or call the company on +44 (0)8456 800126. If you are a specialist Software provider looking for the perfect hosting partner, then I invite you to visit the Rackspace website at or call the Rackspace team for a friendly chat FREE on 0800 988 0100.

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