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Short term loan specialist selects Rackspace Hosting for security

MEM Consumer Finance Ltd set up their popular payday loan business to help people to get through short-term cash flow problems without paying extortionate late fees or bouncing cheques – the charges for which are considerably more expensive than Payday Loan fees. The business has grown significantly and has helped many customers, both new and returning, cope with tight financial budgets that leave little room for monetary miscalculations or life’s unexpected emergencies.

The actual loan process is simple. Customers apply online or by telephone and MEM’s bespoke underwriting system individually assesses each customer, assigning a loan approval limit based on their financial commitments. Funds are deposited in their account on the day of the loan application. On the customer’s payday, the loan amount is repaid directly using the customer’s debit card. As the majority of payday loans are made using the convenient online application form, the website requires a very secure and highly reliable internet connection, which is why hosting is a critical part of the system.

Unscheduled downtime
Kirsty Auchincloss is Director of Technical Development for MEM Consumer Finance Ltd. “We started the business with a less than satisfactory hosting provider and experienced some significant problems with our support as well as some unscheduled downtime with static websites, which is why we quickly looked at the alternative hosting options available on the market. After some in-depth online research and individual recommendation, we selected Rackspace® Hosting as our long-term partner”.

100% uptime 24/7/365
Kirsty added, “To be successful and completely trusted by our customers we have to provide as close to a guaranteed 100% network uptime as possible, as well as a highly secure site, which is available 24-hours a day. Rackspace provides us with an intensive hosting package that meets all our criteria: Price, security, support, site monitoring, ease of use, stability, flexibility and ease of update.”

Expertise on tap
Kirsty revealed, “The Rackspace support team is superb. They understand our application and business needs and the speed we like to turn things around. Having such genuine Fanatical Support® brings peace of mind and security along with highly knowledgeable technical assistance and a broad range of expertise on tap when we need it.”

Focus on business rather than infrastructure
“Having such a powerful and reliable hosting partner”, said Kirsty, “means that we can focus on development to improve our systems rather than having to retain a team of hardware, network and infrastructure specialists just in case of problems. Rackspace provides us with full site monitoring, firewall, and backup. It has also helped considerably with PCI (Payment Card Industry) requirements. The proactive support team has made a number of very useful suggestions concerning load balancing and revisions of system architecture to help increase the speed and efficiency of our site. Our latest investment is a full disaster recovery package that will ensure the total safety of all our client information”

Dynamic and proactive
Kirsty summarised, “The Rackspace support team is dynamic and highly proactive, and I would not hesitate to recommend them as the ideal hosting partner where websites and servers are highly critical to the success of a business”.

Cashflow problem?
If you find yourself short of cash towards the end of the month through no fault of your own then it may be beneficial to take a look at For client safety MEM does not lend more than 32% of a customer’s monthly free cash and will restrict repeat borrowing to prevent long term usage. Equally, for peace of mind, MEM applies no spiralling interest or hidden charges at any time. You can also call the company for more information and advice on 0871 271 6222

Invest in hosting
If you are looking to invest in a hosting package that gives the best return for your money then a visit to is in order. Alternatively call the team on 0800 988 0100 for a FREE and friendly chat on how to get the very best hosting solution for your secure e-business.

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