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Online map store scales up their business in the cloud. Outbound Maps is a comprehensive, online map store providing every conceivable cartographic creation, map and guide that budding explorers need to guide them, step by detailed step, through the countryside of the United Kingdom.

Outbound Maps is a comprehensive, online map store providing every conceivable cartographic creation, map and guide that budding explorers need to guide them, step by detailed step, through the countryside of the United Kingdom.

Huge interest in mapping
Finding your own way on foot, by mountain bike, or even in the car, has blossomed hugely since the advent of affordable GPS systems. Rather than diminish interest in traditional printed mapping, the electronic aids have led to a surprising increase in the sales of large scale maps designed for leisure walking, hiking and biking.

OutboundMaps.co.uk offers the very latest map ranges for the UK including walking maps, cycling maps and trail guides, which cover all of Great Britain, its National Parks and trails. And, of course, printed maps will always be the ultimate backup when the power runs out on that trusty handheld device!

Site being overwhelmed
Such was the seasonal growth in interest from consumers that Outbound Maps found their website servers were being overwhelmed by new demand, and they urgently needed to make some very significant changes to accommodate the increasing traffic.

4500 products online
Stephen Clark manages the company website, “We only set the online business up 18-months ago and started out using a hosting company in Canada. They were cheap and cheerful, but unfortunately proved unable to cope with the raised levels of demand we were experiencing. Our growing e-commerce site now features over 4500 products, including maps, travel guides, compasses, and survival equipment. Our customers were becoming disheartened with having to wait for the server to catch up while they tried to check out with their purchases.” Stephen added, “Some were even giving up and leaving the site; ‘abandoning their baskets in the aisle’ because the delay was simply too long.”

Cloud ideal for ecommerce
Stephen revealed, “We looked around for new hosting opportunities and discovered Rackspace® Hosting. We were aware of the company’s reputation in the market, but had not really seen or experienced their Cloud Hosting service. On investigation this looked to be absolutely ideal for our business, as it offered the pricing and scalability we needed, as well as the support and network guarantees that are essential for any successful ecommerce operation.”

The Outbound Maps solution
Stephen said, “We decided to use Cloud Servers for our e-commerce website as the concept is so flexible, and very simple to amend to accommodate rapid changes in content or traffic. We were no longer tied in to fixed hardware configurations and we could also ensure that our payment system was not compromised by heavy site traffic. This has meant a faster, more responsive system and happier customers as a result.

Trusted technical partners
Stephen added, “Rackspace technicians helped us set up our cloud server and advised on a number of trusted technical partners that could assist in the configuration and management of the site as well as integration of secure payment services. Rackspace has proven to be a very valuable asset to the company. Their support is genuinely fanatical and the process of setting up and migrating to the newly created cloud server was a very painless and simple task.”

18% increase in business
Stephen went on to say, “The benefits of our new cloud hosting set up have been very apparent from the start. We now have a server which can be scaled in minutes to cope with increases in product range and online demand, and the rate of dropout from the checkout queue has been reduced by an incredible 18%. That’s effectively an 18% increase in business! Cloud hosting is now a major feature of our future growth plans and will enable us to introduce new products as they arrive, including sophisticated electronic mapping that will complement the printed range and can be downloaded to portable phones and computers. The future for mapping is great in the cloud. I would most certainly recommend Rackspace as the ideal hosting partner for ecommerce applications.

If you would like to find your way to a mapping store then a simple step to www.outboundmaps.co.uk will be an easy journey.

To discover the route to taking your business into the cloud, please visit Rackspace at www.rackspace.co.uk or call the cloud team FREE on 0800 988 0100 for friendly advice about the infinite possibilities.

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