Puxee is an interactive advertising network that is aiming to fulfill the needs of both advertisers and publishers.

Puxee is an interactive advertising network that is aiming to fulfil the needs of both advertisers and publishers.

Online network
Puxee was launched in January 2011. Its stated aim is to become an online advertising network of choice for those publishers looking to monetize the traffic to their websites. This is achieved by marketing the publishers’ available advertising space directly to advertisers in their niche. This allows advertisers to buy highly targeted advertising on the niche websites with a view to increasing their direct sales, new business leads and eventual business conversions. It enables both publishers and advertisers to achieve the best possible return on their investments by ensuring all available space is utilised, even up to last-minute publishing deadlines.

Puxee works with both publishers and advertisers to ensure that the interests of both parties are always met. The strong relationship with buyers and sellers builds trust in the unique service on offer.

Leading edge technology
Jonny Shaw is one of the founders of Puxee, “Being a business at the sharp end of technology we needed to run our website using the economies and versatility of the very latest hosting concept. The infinitely expandable virtual computing environment in the cloud seemed like the right solution for a rapidly growing business. We chose Rackspace® Hosting for their expertise and Fanatical support® reputation. I had already experienced Rackspace when I was at a previous company and always had a good experience. We run our corporate website, online marketing and test and development servers on the Rackspace cloud. Our current usage of cloud is between 60 and 80% of all hosting, but this will move towards 100% in the future. We had used dedicated servers with another hosting provider but they proved to be difficult to manage because of exceptionally poor support.”

Build servers on demand
For Puxee the Rackspace cloud system has proven to be very simple to use with an excellent customer interface. Creating new servers for test and development is a very simple task. Jonny said, “We can build a new server on demand to use any operating system we choose; test the site, shut it down again and only pay for the actual usage. Cloud hosting is incredibly flexible and saves us a huge amount of time and money. From a technical viewpoint we now spend considerably less time setting up servers as with cloud we can simply snapshot a server and roll it back if a problem occurs.”

Outstanding hosting provider
Jonny added, “I would totally recommend Rackspace as an outstanding hosting provider, and particularly the incredible versatility and flexibility of their innovative cloud hosting solution, which brings the safety and security of a managed hosting service offering network uptime guarantees, whilst combining the total flexibility, expandability and cost saving of virtual servers in the cloud, where you only pay for what you use. Rackspace support is the best I have ever come across and the fact that it doesn’t cost any more is a real bonus.”

Cost reductions
Jonny summarised, “We have made good use of cloud files and the CDN (Content Distribution Network) support has been invaluable to our business in delivering ad content to remote sites. The speed and reliability of the service has proved to be a real benefit. It has helped us move some traffic away from our servers, which resulted in running fewer servers which in turn has reduced our costs. The load balancer service has allowed us to handle server traffic a lot better and by using an API (Application Programming Interface) we are able to automate the creation of a new server and its addition to the load balancer.”

If you are a publisher looking for a new outlet for ad space then take a look at Puxee on www.puxee.com. If you are an ad buyer seeking to promote your business using highly targeted media, then Puxee could be of significant interest.

To find out how to take your business into the cloud, visit Rackspace at www.rackspace.co.uk or please call us FREE on 0800 988 0100 for an educational chat about the infinite possibilities.

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