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The dedicated International readership of The Register relies on them to be an independent and up to date reference site to what's happening in the big wide world. For such a well supported site, failure to publish is not an option. It will be no surprise to learn that when it comes to web hosting, the Register uses the world's most fanatical hosting company.

The Register relies religiously on Rackspace®

Being the fount of all knowledge for the top techies in the land is an awesome responsibility. The Register ( is a highly popular, Sci-Tech news outfit catering for the IT Pro and computer-literate community, offering news, facts, advice and the latest gossip on everything associated with computing, telecoms, high-technology and the Internet. It is refreshingly honest and can be relied on to regularly bite the hand that feeds IT (their words) and not be influenced by advertising or promises of power and wealth beyond their wildest dreams.

Dedicated Readers
The dedicated international readership relies on The Register to be an independent reference site to what’s happening in the big wide world. They expect it to be completely up-to-date with everything that’s new, amazing, exciting or dubious in the wonderful worlds of science and technology. For such a well supported site, failure to publish is not an option. Every reader expects the site to be there, on demand, with the latest news and views, regardless of the time of day or night. It will be no surprise to learn that when it comes to web hosting, the Register uses the world’s most fanatical hosting company. There is only one company that matches its zeal for uptime and that is Rackspace. “With a guaranteed 100% network uptime, choice of servers, 24/7/365 technical support at the highest level and total devotion to managed hosting, the job could not have been given to a more suitable hosting partner”, says Pranav Oza, who runs the commercial side of the ‘Register’ with a eye for being first out and making sure the latest news breaks when it matters most.

No downtime
Philip Mitchell is the Marketing Director responsible for all day to day operations at the Register. Phil said, “We’ve worked with Rackspace for 2 years and we have never had any site downtime or server problems. The support team is second to none, with an uncanny understanding of our business and the importance of publishing deadlines. Technology has always been very important to us because we wanted an open source platform – something that sits comfortably with our publishing ethos. Technical support was a key factor in our choice of hosting partner as was unlimited, burstable bandwidth. Limited bandwidth is simply not a feasible option when a big story breaks and we get millions of hits.” Phil added, ”as a 24-hour publisher, we need a well-supported platform that is always available when we are. With rolling publishing and continual updates from the UK and the USA over every 24-hour period, this permanent availability is always our priority. If we can’t publish, we can’t run our business.”

Big Business
And the Reg is big international business (see chart opposite). With over 22 million audited page impressions in November 2003 and 2.2 million unique visitors (source: ABCe 2003), the register is the UK’s number one IT Media website. 75% of their readership is ‘IT professional’.

Delighted to be hosted
Phil added, “We are delighted to have Rackspace as a hosting partner and as far as I’m concerned they are as much a part of the team at The Register as I am.”

Rackspace currently hosts The Register using 5 managed Linux servers running Debian, one dedicated MS Windows® 2003 server and a secure firewall and load balancer with 24-hour technical support and 100% network uptime guaranteed.

It’s great to host ‘The Register’
Fabio Torlini is the Marketing Director at Rackspace. He said, “Clients like the Register are absolutely invaluable to our business. Being party to the leading edge of everything, they keep us on our toes. It’s certainly great to be the managed hosting company behind the online success of the Register.” Fabio added, “If you want to catch up with what’s really happening in the wide world of the web, I thoroughly recommend you take a look at The Register ( and even subscribe to their on-line newsletter. It’s always very interesting reading and available when you need IT.”

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