French car giant Renault uses creative microsites to support its well-known advertising campaigns and promote UK operations to a receptive audience, they found Rackspace provided the flexibility and reliability they needed.

Renault takes the fast lane on the super highway with Rackspace hosting

Renault is one of the world’s most innovative car manufacturers as proven by the recent unveil of its distinctively stylish Mégane Coupé Concept as well as exciting new products Laguna Coupé and Renault’s first-ever 4x4 crossover, Koleos, which demonstrate Renault’s commitment to pioneering reliable new technology.

Quality, Profitability and Growth
In the UK Renault is in the midst of a product offensive of new vehicle launches which form part of the French marque’s three-year plan, ‘Commitment 2009’, for quality, profitability and growth.

The Perfect Match
With product quality and customer focus at the heart of everything Renault does, it’s totally understandable that when looking for a hosting partner, the perfect match for Renault UK was Rackspace Hosting.

Supporting After Sales
Like many well established businesses with a predominately offline business model, Renault UK is constantly extending and developing the reach of its website ( from showcasing product presentation to a more transactional commerce environment, as well as supporting advanced after sales and sophisticated CRM services in order to deliver a better service to its customers and prospects.

Stable, Reliable, Fast
The key to Renault’s online needs and the requirements of its customers is a web offering that is highly stable, ultra reliable and fast.

Andy Holmes, E-Commerce Manager, Renault UK, explains “We chose Rackspace’s INTENSIVE support package to manage a number of devices in its domain forest at its London data centre. Intensive hosting provides the highest level of security, reliability and redundancy that requires. In addition the instant access, 24/7 Fanatical Support® and a proper business relationship with an experienced level III lead technician, make the Rackspace hosting product an incredibly strong offering.”

Rackspace Stands Out
Andy went on to say, “Rackspace stands out as a company which genuinely delivers the goods on the promises it makes in its marketing. A prime example is the proactive monitoring of services, supported by health warnings that come not just in the form of alert emails – but with a phone call from a real person who genuinely understands our needs and is as focused on maintaining the high quality of our sites as we are. An equally important aspect is the speed with which new devices can be commissioned and any equipment failures resolved – one-hour server replacement is guaranteed. Rackspace has within its DNA a culture of absolute client focused service excellence – this translates into going the extra mile at every interaction, and is embodied in their everyday business through Fanatical Support.”

High Level Hosting
Fabio Torlini is Marketing Director at Rackspace Hosting. “We are very proud to provide comprehensive hosting services to Renault UK. It is a huge brand name and an accolade to our service that we have been chosen as their UK hosting partner. Rackspace specialises in providing high level hosting with unmatched support services for companies that want to stay on the fast track.”

Hosting Automotive Chic
If you are looking for automotive chic or pure driving pleasure then visit the Renault site at to browse the range and arrange a test drive.

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