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eCommerce hosting

The world of eCommerce is fast moving and high-tech. It is no longer enough to set up your site, upload your product catalogue and wait for the money to start rolling in. It can be difficult to stand out from the crowd. Consumers have thousands of brands and millions of products at their fingertips – so how will you ensure you’re the online retailer they turn to?

Customer experience reigns supreme. Your site needs to be interactive, content rich and viewable on any device. Page load times must be fast, you must be able to cope with predictable and unpredictable spikes in demand. Your site must be secure and compliant, your order processing swift and payment system frictionless.

Rackspace gives you the performance, expertise and reliability you need to power your eCommerce strategy. See our new tools and specialist areas below to find out how we can help!

Watch the video below to learn how our Digital group delivers best in class eCommerce solutions for customers.

Harvey Nichols Case Study

Learn how internationally renowned retailer, Harvey Nichols, has leveraged our tools and partner relationships to uphold their luxury experience online. Our key alliances with ecommerce platform providers and solution partners gives you a team of experts, ready to deliver a seamless end-to-end solution—to build, host, and implement your online store.

Planning for Peaks and

Seasonal peaks such as Christmas and Easter are easy to plan for but the viral nature of our modern connected world is not. You never know when or where the next tidal wave of demand could come from, and if unprepared you risk missing out on a golden opportunity which may never return.

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Risk Management and Contingency

When selling products online, security, risk management and contingency planning are vital. A security slip, data loss or site downtime could lose you valuable revenue, wreak havoc with your order processing and fulfilment, and ultimately cost you customers and your reputation. Let us set your mind at ease.

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Platform Partners and Infrastructure

What is going to power your eCommerce site? How can you architect the highest performing infrastructure? Selecting an eCommerce platform is a critical decision. It will form the backbone of your online channel and as one of the biggest investments you make it must be tuned for optimal performance.

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Try our handy tools

We’ve been busy creating a couple of handy tools enabling you to check whether your eCommerce website is up to scratch. They are free to use and could help you become better, faster, stronger and more profitable.

Page Load Speed Checker

Slow loading means less customer satisfaction. Less customer satisfaction means a loss of both reputation and revenue. Try our useful tool to help you identify the problems that are slowing your website down.

Check page load speed

Downtime Cost Calculator

It's a no brainer: if your website is down, it's not profitable. If your product or site spikes in popularity, are you prepared for the rush, or will your site collapse under the weight? Calculate how much downtime could cost you.

Check the cost of downtime
eCommerce Experience Pitfalls

How long does it take a visitor to leave a slow running ecommerce site? Watch this video to learn more about the importance of running a high performing ecommerce store and how cloud and hybrid cloud ecommerce solutions can improve performance and enhance customer satisfaction.

The processing power of your online store is the foundation upon which your success rides. We're a retail hosting specialist that provides services for building secure, scalable and highly available eCommerce stores. With performance-driven hosting you can extend, expand and enhance your online revenue, just as leading retailers such as have done.

Let us help build a robust infrastructure with the back up of Fanatical Support®, a vast range of products and services, and access to specialist technology partners to help you manage your digital growth and deliver a first class shopping experience.

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