Rackspace Environmental Responsibility

At Rackspace® we take our environment responsibilities seriously to ensure we conduct our business within a sustainable, lawful and thoughtful framework. We’re constantly seeking ways of ensuring we give more and take less from our natural resources and believe that a series of small (and not-so small) steps can help make a difference. Here are some of those steps we take here in the UK:

We run on 100% Renewable Energy

We recognise our biggest draw on the environment is our energy usage and the subsequent production of CO2. To help address this, our UK office and data centre sites are both powered on 100% certified renewable energy. Simply ask your Sales representative or account manager for a copy.

Working with Cultivate London.

We believe in giving something back as much as moderating what we utilise. To help demonstrate this we partner Cultivate London, a registered charity dedicated to transforming derelict or vacant land in London into productive food and plant-growing spaces staffed by young, unemployed people. Rackspace supports this work both financially and in-kind with employee volunteering recognising the environmental, economic and social value of this enterprise.

Recycling and Energy Production.

Whilst we try to minimise our take on natural resources, we work hard to ensure that what we do utilise is recycled or repurposed. To this end we recycle paper, cardboard, aluminium, cartons, glass and most plastic products together with compostable food wastes from our on-site restaurant. Recycling is a key objective for us. What we cannot recycle is incinerated by a local Energy-from-Waste facility with the resulting electricity production returned to the National Grid.

Certification to ISO 14001 (Environmental Management)

To help structure our environmental programme, we hold certification to this globally recognised standard across our UK office and data centre. Click here for our commitment policy. We openly share our annual environmental objectives and visitors to our London office can see how well we’re tracking against them on our Environmental Responsibility wall.

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