Managing Reputational Risk

Disaster recovery

Both cloud and managed hosting based solutions to ensure that you can keep working when unplanned situations arise.

Disaster Recovery

Security and compliance

Security and compliance

Whether you need an assessment of security and system performance, capacity planning or best practise recommendations and implementations, we work with you to safeguard your business.

Risk profiling applications

Pre-sales assessments to determine which applications you would benefit from outsourcing, how critical they are to your business and what the appropriate service level should be for each.

Risk profiling applications

Uptime & scalability

Uptime & scalability

Burst into Cloud for on demand processing for specific applications with volatile throughputs where performance degradation could impact business reputation.

Other Hosting Solutions

Rackspace can help you manage IT across your entire Business. Learn about our hosting solutions:

Governance And Compliance Requirements

Every business is under pressure to conform to governance and compliance requirements of some form. These can include anything from ISO processes or stock market requirements through to stringent regulations in industries such as Banking or Pharmaceuticals. One of the top 5 strategic elements impacted by legislative and regulatory change is improvement in information management and protection – an area that sits squarely within the IT function. CIOs not only need to evaluate the business impact of technology initiatives, but also understand the legislative impact. Discover how working with Rackspace can help with regulatory compliance.

Outsourcing vs. In-House

Ever changing business requirements mean that your IT infrastructure has to be flexible. As new project come online and new technologies become available, you need to be able to take them live quickly. Outsourced hosting services help you rapidly deploy online projects and applications, offering unparalleled scalability and flexibility in a secure environment.

Finding New Revenue Streams

Staying ahead in a changing market is all about providing the ability for CIOs to develop and deploy new applications quickly and cost effectively. Rackspace helps businesses to take a fundamentally new approach that allows far more flexibility in testing new ideas and supporting top line growth. Generation Y are driving trends such as consumerisation and BYOD that CIO’s can no longer ignore. Studies show than more than 70% of the average IT department’s time and effort is expended just ‘keeping the lights on’, leaving little time to focus on innovation to drive business success.

Infrastructure Security and Reliability

New technologies create new gateways for malicious attacks, and significant new challenges for online security. Rackspace offers the best combination of secure data security hardware, software, and services to meet your business security and compliance requirements. From our 100% uptime SLAs to the disaster recovery plans, we’ll ensure your infrastructure remains secure and reliable.

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