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Rackspace Loves Startups - we were just like you in 1998. We haven't forgotten our roots and have been committed to helping entrepreneurs drive the next generation of businesses with our hosting and Fanatical Support® ever since. Now, with the Rackspace Startup Programme, we're providing hosting on the Rackspace Open Cloud plus coaching and mentoring in conjunction with selected incubators, accelerators, investors and others who share our passion for startups.

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Cloud Basics
What does a cloud-enabled business look like?
DevOps Toolbox: Automated Test and Deployment
DevOps Toolbox: Application monitoring and insights
DevOps Toolbox: Infrastructure as code


@MediaCityUK @upaccelerator thanks, we're pleased to be involved! Always keen to meet #startups - should be a great day

@jonhurlock that's ok. No automation or robots used, just our team... Sort of wish there was a robot here though, that would be cool :)

@jonhurlock we regularly follow Twitter folks with similar interests to ours, we’re interested in what you’ve got to say! - Peter


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