Xero is the creator and provider of the world's easiest, most flexible accounting system for small businesses.  Recently they have offered their business management and accounting software application online globally as a service (SaaS) so it's clients' databases are always available to perform at optimum speed from wherever users may choose.  To guarantee such performance requires a very special hosting provider. Read on to find out why Xero chose Rackspace for the hosting of their SaaS solution

Xero is the creator and provider of the world’s easiest, most flexible accounting system for small businesses. Since late 2008 the company has offered their business management and accounting software application online globally as a service (SaaS), and its client databases are always available to perform at optimum speed from wherever users may choose. The software can now be configured to fit all local tax and business needs.

Special hosting partner
To guarantee such performance it requires a very special hosting partner. The final choice made after exhaustive research by New Zealand based Xero was Rackspace® Hosting. Xero was founded in July 2006 by successful technology entrepreneur Rod Drury and specialist small business accountant Hamish Edwards. Hamish was very forthright with his comments, “At the outset we knew that a business based on the internet had to provide a seamless, 24-hour network with 100% uptime and levels of speed and connectivity that would match local systems.” He added, “Without the right hosting partner our business does not exist.”

Global provider
Hamish said, “Xero chose Rackspace for a number of key reasons. Firstly, they were perceived as being the best hosting provider in the market for a global software provider. Secondly, their reputation for uptime and support was already well established. The decision was made based on this information along with the quotes and research provided by Rackspace when they presented to us, but we had no idea at the time how important this would be for our future.”

Hamish went on to say, “Working with Rackspace as a hosting partner has given us true peace of mind and enabled our global expansion without the setbacks, serious technical issues or any of those problems that often beset rapidly expanding companies. The speed of network and network uptime is a key factor, but the security of the system and the reputation of Rackspace as a secure hosting provider have greatly enhanced our position throughout the world; Rackspace is trusted globally, so security has never been an issue with any of our clients.

He said, “The icing on the cake for us has been the advice, support and local market knowledge from the Rackspace team, which has helped considerably in our planning and strategic development. We have been provided with invaluable feedback about new countries and the special situations demanded in each. This has helped us avoid making mistakes and enabled the company to grow successfully. It helps insomuch as we have absolute confidence in the ability of Rackspace to scale up the hosting and storage operation to keep pace with our needs.”

Xero has experienced incredible growth. Since 31 Dec 2008 customer numbers have doubled to 6000+, including an increase from 700 to 2000+ in the UK.

100 times larger
Hamish revealed, “Even if we grow to be 100 times larger than we are now – and this is our aim - we are very secure in the knowledge that Rackspace will always keep pace with the demands, and be there to support us as an integral part of our team.

Xero CEO Rod Drury says, “Rackspace’s dedicated support team always has a specialist available 24/7, which is vital to our business because of geographical dispersion and time zones. Often we experience less than a ten minute turnaround on correspondence – that is just fantastic.”

Support around the globe
Rackspace gives Xero peace of mind to deliver and support all customers around the globe with the best of technology and security. We can sleep at night while the servers keep running our business.

Guaranteed to meet expectations
Fabio Torlini, Marketing VP at Rackspace said, “We are delighted to provide global hosting services to Xero. They have demonstrated the success of their SaaS (Software as a Service) and the need for a high profile, guaranteed hosting and storage services partner to make it all work successfully. I can well believe they will grow to be 100 times larger and I can guarantee that Rackspace will continue to match and exceed their expectations.

To learn more about Xero’s global software and to test drive it FREE visit https://www.xero.com/signup or call 0800 085 3719. (UK)

To discover more about Rackspace and the 24-hour global hosting services please visit www.rackspace.co.uk or please call us for advice and information on 0800 988 0100.

Information: Xero was named as one of the top ten user interface applications of 2008 by design usability experts, The Nielsen Norman Group.

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