Worry about your application, not your database.

The ObjectRocket platform offers fully managed instances of MongoDB and Redis in data centres across the globe. The platform combines open source technologies with best of breed hardware for ultimate performance. We used the experience we have building the systems that power some of the busiest web sites and applications to create an optimised, scalable, reliable, and easy to use database as a service.

Deploying a database on the ObjectRocket platform eliminates the need to do any type of system administration or maintenance of the database server itself. We proactively monitor all database instances taking action when necessary to ensure your database is operating at peak performance and that availability is never compromised, including DBA services such as data architecture consultation.

High Availability

All services are deployed in an HA configuration eliminating any single points of failure in the infrastructure, and any failover is fully automated this is backed by an SLA.


Choose the perfect plan for your project. We offer different plan sizes for your MongoDB and Redis instances. All plans are highly available and backed by Fanatical Support®.

Free Trial

Try us out for free for one month if you’re a new customer.  Simply sign up to a 1GB MongoDB Replica set, a single 5GB MongoDB shard, or a 500MB Redis instance and you’ll get your first 30 days free.   During the 30 days you’ll not only get access to the ObjectRocket platform, but you’ll also be able to experience the Fanatical Support offered by our team.

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*Terms and Conditions apply


This promotional offer is only available to NEW ObjectRocket for MongoDB customers and/or NEW ObjectRocket for Redis customers. Only 1GB Mongo Replica Sets, 5GB sharded (single shard) Mongo instances, and 500MB Redis instances qualify for this promotional offer.

This promotional offer starts on Sep. 18, 2014 and ends Sep. 30, 2015. Customers that sign up for the ObjectRocket for MongoDB service for the FIRST time during the promotional period will have the option to receive either a single 1GB replica set or a single 5GB shard free of charge for the FIRST 30 days upon sign up. Customers that sign up for the ObjectRocket for Redis service for the FIRST time during the promotional period will receive a 500MB Redis Instance free of charge for the FIRST 30 days upon sign up. After the end of the 30 days or if additional plans are added, standard fees for ObjectRocket services will apply.

Your account is not billed until the end of each 30-day service period, starting from the day you sign up. You can cancel at any time by emailing support. If the account remains open after the 30 day trial period, you will be billed standard fees for the ObjectRocket services. For more information see our billing information.