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The Rackspace open cloud is built on the open-source OpenStack framework, founded by Rackspace and NASA in July 2010. Today, over 800 organizations and 6,000 developers around the world from companies like Rackspace, NASA, HP, Cisco, EMC, AMD, and NetApp contribute to OpenStack.

Rackspace can help you to design, build and run your open cloud today. Host it in your data centre, ours, or a third party's. Manage it yourself, or let us manage it for you.

Open for developers: build apps with the power of the open cloud

Run anywhere. You can host your cloud in your data centre, at Rackspace, or with a third party. We can support your private cloud, or you can choose to manage it yourself.
Tools. SDKs, language bindings, API documentation and Rackspace projects on Github provide tools for languages like Java, Python, PHP and C#.
Automation and performance. You can automate on-demand infrastructure via the OpenStack API to deliver:

  • Linux and Windows servers with persistent local hard drives and available managed services
  • MySQL® cloud database as a service with 229% faster performance than RDS
  • High-performance SSD Block and Object Storage with CDN for fast global delivery of content
  • Software-defined networks for network isolation, performing packet filtering, and supporting broadcast/multicast

Rapid access to features and upgrades. Continuous open cloud deployments (over 1,300 in the last 6 months) help ensure you get access to recent bug fixes, patches, upgrades, and features.
Community. Developers, technologists, researchers and cloud experts continually introduce improvements and scrutinise the code base to help ensure stability.

The Toolset Code

"When provisioning thousands of servers every day, we rely on fast, scalable APIs to ensure optimal performance testing. We are excited to make our service available on The Rackspace Open Cloud."

Tom Lounibus, CEO, SOASTA

Open for business: improved flexibility and agility
  • Configuration options. On-premise, off-premise, public, or private. Design and deploy infrastructure anywhere you need to.
  • Freedom. No more being tied to a vendor's proprietary technology roadmap, pricing structure, or business strategy.
  • Cost. Save money by using a public cloud for variable workloads. Custom design your private cloud for best price-performance with stable workloads.
  • Time to market. No software licensing or upfront negotiations are necessary to start innovating on the open cloud.
  • Provider flexibility. Implement a multi-cloud strategy. If a provider under-performs, you have the power to switch.
  • Cloud on your terms. Train your staff once - on a single open platform. Migrate to the cloud at your own pace, without licensing fees.

Opt-in Not Lock-in

"Our entire environment must be on-demand. That means the underlying infrastructure must be able to expand as needed."

Venkata Yella, X.commerce, Cloud Engineering Lead

Why Rackspace?

Over 200,000 customers and 60% of the Fortune 100 trust Rackspace. Here's why:

Fanatical Support®

  • Managing IT infrastructure can be a drain on internal resources. Rackspace removes the burden of day-to-day tasks, so you can focus on running your business, developing your app, or creating the next big thing.
  • Fanatical Support means working with you to design, build and run your open cloud — in your data centre or ours.


  • Rackspace founded OpenStack with NASA, and now runs the largest OpenStack-powered cloud at scale.
  • With over 14 years of experience hosting and supporting hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide, we know there's no single solution that works for everyone. We offer a portfolio of cloud, hybrid, dedicated, and virtualised services, so you can choose the best fit for your business.

Fanatical Support

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