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Papers continue the move online

For some reading a newspaper will always mean having a physical paper they can take on the bus in the morning or enjoy in bed on a Sunday morning, but for a growing number of people reading a newspaper means heading online. As far back as 2010, online news became more popular than reading a newspaper, with data from the Pew Research Centre putting reading news online the third most popular way to stay up to date, behind local and national TV news. Overall, 61 per cent of people questioned said that they read news online each day, and this figure has only increased in the past year with the growing popularity of devices such as smartphones and tablets such as the iPad. Recently released figures from the Audit Bureau of Circulations in the UK back this up, showing that the most popular news website, Mail Online, topped 80 million monthly browsers in November, marking a 65 per cent year-on-year rise, while also broke traffic records with 63 million visitors. If this trend continues, and newspapers move even more into the online realm, there will be huge changes in the way online news sites work. This has already been seen with the move to paywalls and other developments, but what is likely to happen over the coming 12 months?

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