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With the Rackspace Startup Programme, your businesses can receive hands-on training in areas such as building and deploying a customised cloud, mentoring and networking and technical web development, helping you to optimise your work and increase the skills base of your team. Our versatile multiple-choice Decision Engine tool can also help you get to grips with the different solutions available for different projects, so why not have a play and see where you end up?

The Startup Programme

We haven’t forgotten our roots. With the Rackspace Startup Programme, we have committed to helping entrepreneurs drive the next generation of businesses.

As well as mentoring and support from Rackspace, we work very closely with a variety of partners for special pricing and promotions, ensuring you're supported completely in making the most of your fledgling business.

startup programme

why rackspace

Why Rackspace?

We'll scale to your needs. As your business develops, you can get the solution you need to match your growth, and you'll only pay for what you use. Plus, with open standards, open APIs and OpenStack, we're at the forefront of performance and innovation.

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Startup programme benefits

Discounts and promotions

We work very closely with a variety of incubators, accelerators, co-working spaces and VCs with special pricing and promotions. That includes getting great discounts on Rackspace hosting (if eligible), and much, much more.

Mentoring, networking and brainstorming

We love to help – however we can. Whether it's guidance on growing your business, or an introduction to another startup, we'll make sure you've got everything you need.

Cloud architectural planning

We will help you plan, deploy and run a cloud customised just for your app or website. Need a 1-on-1 session with an architect? We’ll make it happen. Either way, we'll ensure you get the solution you need.

Developer tools

SDKs, APIs, and Github Repository – all at your disposal. Utilise the Rackspace Knowledge Center for any technical queries, or get involved in the discussion at our Community Forum.

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