Test & Development Environments

Spin up and spin down quickly

Pick the size of server required, choose the Operating System being worked with, and in minutes your test environment is online. Code crashed? No problem, reboot via the portal. When you’re done, just delete your Cloud Servers and you stop being charged.

Spin up servers quickly

Performance and data isolation

Performance and data isolation

We offer traditional and virtualised environments for increased performance and the data isolation of a private, dedicated infrastructure. You can even link this up to an existing or new Cloud environment thanks to our Hybrid Cloud technology.

Backed by Fanatical Support

You decide how much of the maintenance and monitoring you want to take on. If you’d rather we handled the routine work for you, we’ve got service levels to suit your needs- whatever you choose, you’ll enjoy direct access to our support team, 24/7, 365 days a year.

Fanatical Support

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