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Scale to your needs

Need to spin up servers quickly? You can provision new Cloud Servers in mere minutes with our speedy control panel, and spin them back down when you don’t need them. If you have a Dedicated solution, our Hybrid Cloud technology enables you to burst into the Cloud should unexpected traffic spikes occur.

Scale to your needs

Uptime and reliability

Uptime and reliability

Maintaining availability and performance is critical to your brand integrity. Websites that are live most of the time aren’t good enough. Our robust SLAs keep your website running, giving you strong, reliable performance without the need for you to add staff members.

Serve content rapidly

Our Cloud Files solution allows you to safely store your rich media, and have it delivered quickly around the world- the Akamai CDN delivers your media content worldwide at blazing speeds, ensuring a local-like experience. Best of all, there are no hidden charges; you’ll only ever pay for what you use.

Serve content rapidly

Other Hosting Solutions

Rackspace can help you manage IT across your entire Business. Learn about our hosting solutions:

SaaS Hosting

Focus on your software, and not on your infrastructure. Our solutions evolve with your growth, and allow you to start simple and grow huge, with thousands of software vendors trusting Rackspace to run their application's infrastructure.

File and Data Backup

Preparation for the unexpected is crucial. We help to protect the important files powering your website or application, ensuring your business is safeguarded. If something should go wrong and a hard drive fails or you lose files, we have the ability to rapidly restore files to help you get back to regularity quickly.

Rich Media Hosting

Websites hosting dynamic media face unique challenges - website downtime, slow page loads and slow downloads can mean game over for your site. Leave it with Rackspace, and our portfolio of flexible solutions.

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